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I like a clever app with a neat idea, but you know what I like even more? A clever app with a neat idea that actually manages to turn that idea into something decent and worth your time and money.

Now, apps like that are a real rarity, but I have uncovered as little gem called CariCartoon that meets the requirements above.

The basic idea behind the app is that it turns photos of real people into cartoons. Now, this has been done before on the App Store, but with less than successful results, but CariCartoon makes it look very easy, and almost magical. I would think that there is some pretty impressive tech going on behind the scenes here, but you would never notice it as the effect is as easy for the user as tapping an icon on the screen.

It kind or reminds me of the effect Nintendo uses in creating Miis from pictures snapped with a 3DS, but only on a far more impressive scale.

Once you have either taken a photo or used a suitable one from your library, the app does its magic and you can then adjust the face to make it perfect. When you have got it looking just right you can change all sorts of things about your new creation and the real fun begins. You can alter what the avatar is wearing and have them perform all kinds of acts, and even drop them into backgrounds to get some funny results.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:caricartoon

▲ Super easy and user-friendly features to turn any photos to mindblowing Cartoon Caricatures
▲ Choices of more than 70+ different scenarios including: Wedding, Celebration, Profession, and Fantasy
▲ CariCartoon is for everyone! You can choose different skin color in one tap!
▲ We develop our own sophisticated face conversion, from your photo to unbelievable realistic cartoon in a split second!
▲Choose various different backgrounds, from Beautiful Lake in Canada, Enchanting Eiffel Tower in Paris, Beautiful Wedding Chapel, to Hot sunny beach in Bali!
▲ CariCartoon is All about Customizing your very own Cartoon, Your style, Your way. Don’t worry though, as we always strive to make the experiences as simple and easy as possible.We have lists of : Different Face Shapes, Beard and Moustache, Eyebrows, Glasses, Hair, and Headwear
▲ Customize your own hair with 5 different colors : Black, Dark Brown, Red, Blonde, and Gray
▲ Add your own Text and customize it your way with different color and fonts!
▲ Save CariCartoon in High Quality resolution, so you can print these amazing Cartoons with the best quality!
▲ Share CariCartoon easily to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Whatsapp, Tumblr, and SNAPCHAT!

When you have finished creating your cartoon character, you can pretty do whatever you want with the images you have created. Sharing them to Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat is a doddle, and any services not supported by the app can always be used by simply saving the image to your iPhone or iPad library.

The only thing missing here is some kind of storyboard feature, so you could create entire comic book stories using you character. Hopefully this is something the developer is looking at.

The app is currently available at a pretty impressive 67% discount, so I would suggest snapping this up right now. CariCartoon is fun, clever and priced just right, so I highly recommend grabbing this while you can.


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