Cirkus: Task List Management iPhone Review

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Task management can sometimes become a task itself. There are so many task managers available these days, especially for iOS, where the built-in task features of iOS are quite limited.

This may seem like a good thing, as more choice is always better.

However, when businesses have to spend valuable time training their teams how to use some of these services, the value of that task manager instantly drops. Many apps are bloated, with features hidden in menus that have multiple layers, and a complex way of sharing files and ideas.

Cirkus aims to change all that, with a streamlined interface that still has a robust set of features. The interface is genuinely easy to use, and I would think that anyone who has used iOS before, and has a basic grasp of what a task manager is, will need very little training at all, if any.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

• Assign a single task to multiple people using Roles
• See the status of each person contributing to a task or project
• Smart reminders keep everyone on track
• Customize views to visualize your priorities

• Conversations, files, and project scope all in one place
• Eliminate need for email threads and third party file storage
• Private conversations within tasks and projects keep everyone focused
• Swipe to reply to comments or force touch on notifications

• Create task templates to save time on recurring tasks
• Automate your workflow with task triggers
• Set up permission profiles to collaborate with freelancers and temporary workers
• Organizations/teams clarify team management and workflow

• Easily invite team members to Cirkus
• Integrate freelancers into your projects with the right level of privacy
• Assign tasks and see current progress across teams and groups

There are is also a Web based version, so you can log in on a desktop PC and keep everything synced up, with a special edition designed for Mac users, and there is also an Android version coming soon.

The app is extremely well designed, with a lovely flow to the way it handles tasks, both in their creation and administration. I was particularly impressed with the way Cirkus handles file management and sharing, with files available to place in several locations for users to grab, even in team chats.

One thing I would like to see in the future is the addition of a few themes and logos to choose from, in order for companies to make the app look a little more bespoke.

Overall though, this is a superb task management app that has one of the best interfaces I have used on iOS, and comes highly recommended.


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