City Trading Pro iPhone Review

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City Trading Pro - City IndexCity Trading Pro is a spread betting and CFD Trading app that, if you are a regular user of the City Index Website, or indeed partake in a spot of spread betting at all,  should be number one on your list of iPhone applications to install on you device.

You see, City Trading could have just quickly released an app that was a simple portal to their website, like so many other publishers have done, but here we have an app that proves to be completely comprehensive and of genuine value to the user, as it not only offers up an impressive suite of options and features, but it also displays information in an interesting and unique way that may persuade many to use this application for many tasks.
The first and most important thing when using this app is that you must have a proper, live City Index Trading account to be able to log in.

After logging in, you are presented with an impressive array of options that you are just going to love playing around with. From checking out the markets and prices, to viewing your order history and even creating new orders and amending existing orders.
Here is a list of the app’s best features, straight from the developer:

• Check the latest prices and market movements instantly
• Open and close positions
• Set stop and limit orders including if done and OCO (one cancels other)
• Create new or amend existing orders
• View your pending, completed and cancelled orders
• Monitor your positions using the unique positions chart
• View and amend multiple watchlists
• Review trade and order history
• Be confident that all your information and transactions are secure

For me, that last item is perhaps the most important: security. To know that all of your transactions and important information is safe while trading on the go, is vital and gives you that extra little peace of mind when using the app.

The app itself is very well designed, with an elegant and easy to use interface that is never anything but intuitive. If you have used many iPhone apps before, you will settle right in here. The streaming graphs are impressive, proving to be not only good looking but bang up to date and pretty essential.
News feeds are even included to ensure you can keep abreast of everything while on the move. This app really does have everything that you could possibly require, and as the developer has recently added some great new features, I can imagine that future feature additions are a fairly safe bet for users.

Overall, when using this app, the word ‘comprehensive’ kept coming to mind and that is exactly what this is. With an easy to use yet information rich interface, this app is the perfect complement to the City Index Website, and should be considered essential for iPhone users of the site.

City Trading Pro - City Index


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