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Do you love taking photos of your life and things surrounding it? Would you like to be able to make money from it? Well with Clashot you can.

It’s so simple just take a photo of anything you like and then upload it to  It’s like a community for picture-taking lovers and they rate and comment on your photo. If a newspaper, magazine or a website likes your photo it will then be sent to photo bank, this is where industries can be able to view and buy your photos. You will then be paid commission for every picture that is brought and a there is a brilliant cash withdrawal system to your chosen bank.

To start with, the photos you take and upload are put into groups and into reports. You can easily change these into locations, events etc. The design and easy layout is really nice. The only thing really about the photos is you can’t really edit them: there is no cropping or filters, which I find a bit annoying, as this is a photo app.

 Here, straight from the developers, are the app’s best features:screen568x568 (11)

– Combine thematic photo reports from the separate frames (made on the built-in camera or loaded from the library)
– Reports editor allowing you to create new ones or make changes to current
– Ability to view, comment and like reports of other users, share photoevents in social networks (Facebook, Twitter)
– Convenient interface for watch the tape allowing you to stay informed
– Detailed profile data and current user’s balance
– Convenient funds withdrawal
– Functionality of email notifications from Clashot

You can upload any photo from your camera reel and make them ready for sale. There are loads of photos to search through and the search function is really good. I think to make any money from this you have to be quite lucky and you would have to use another app to get the quality of photos that some people are looking for. Although this is a clever idea and will be the first of many I would imagine.

I will keep posting my photos to Clashot and one day might get noticed!



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