Clean The Dishes iPhone Review

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Well there are mobile games for just about everything these days. From fantasy and adventure to puzzle games, there is a pretty wide array of subjects to choose from. Then there are those based on reality. Dare I say, even a household chore can be fun?

Clean The Dishes by Andrew Ou is a high stakes game of, what else, cleaning dishes. Here is the app’s full description:

Are you ready to have a blast with amusingly crazy and extremely fun game that is considered heaven for tapping game lovers? We hope the answer is yes, because we have just releasedClean the Dishes image 2 Clean The Dishes – a game our players love to describe as “Crazy Tapping Fun!”.

Clean as many dishes as you can before your life runs out – you need to be extremely fast in order to keep it going.

Clean with either hands by tapping the screen, then sort the dishes on a proper pile.
Enjoy an amazing tapping experience with Clean The Dishes – download today!
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Clean the Dishes is a pretty straight forward game – clean the dishes as fast as you can before your life meter runs out. There isn’t any instruction or tutorial so it is a play-and-learn type system that will take more than a few tries to get down. Upon opening, the screen displays the title for the game. Check stats, hit Play or click the Remove Ads button to do so for an in-app purchase. On the Play screen is the set-up: a long line of dirty dishes down the middle with two digital hands for cleaning them. Not only must you clean the plates completely, but you must sort each dish into its appropriate pile of circles and squares.

Playing is fairly easy. Tap the left or right of the screen to use that hand to clean and also sort the plate to the correct side. That’s it. Starting it seems pretty silly, but once you start breaking your own scores it is very addicting. The only way to win is to go as fast as possible, which is usually what trips you up and why you fail, only to start again with a new determination to beat that score. The design of the game is kind of ridiculous, as you are only “cleaning” the dishes with two hands and no soap or water. (Plus what are you cleaning off of them? Some kind of green slime substance? Remind me to stay away from this restaurant.) Though like Flappy Bird and other similar tapping games, it isn’t the aim of the game that keeps you at it, but your own competitive desire to better each try.

The app is simple yet very addicting. If a new time waster is what you are searching for, you can’t beat this simple app. Clean the Dishes is available now for free in the App Store and compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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