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TV junkies rejoice! Now it is easier than ever to share your favorite moments from the shows you love right to all of your social media accounts. Clippit is just the iPhone app to give you the power!

Clippit – Create and share TV clips of your favorite shows, sports highlights, comedy moments & more by Didja, Inc. lets you share the best moments of your favorite shows right as they happen. Here is the apps full description:

Watch, clip and share current live TV moments from memorable shows while they air. Share with friends and family on Facebook,Clippit image 2 Twitter or anywhere!

From sitcoms to live sports and events, movies, and more, if it’s on TV, you can clip it:

• Breaking news – wild weather scenes, important world events, or exciting police chases
• Your favorite sports – slam dunks, game-winning interceptions, or extra time penalty kicks
• Reality show train wrecks – housewife cat fights, family reunions, or dangerous shark encounters
• Award-winning moments – award show speeches, music performances, or red carpet fashionistas

Just search for any TV show or program that’s on the air, select the start and end point for your clip, and share it with your family and friends.

You can also follow your favorite shows and browse, watch, and share existing clips from other Clippit users.

*Note that Clippit does not stream or retransmit TV shows. It only displays images from the show that enable you to create a short clip, up to 30 seconds long.

What’s New in Version 2.0.0

• Follow Shows & Genres: Follow your favorite TV shows and genres
• Personalized Feed: See shows you follow in your feed
• New and Popular Feeds: View a feed with new clips and one with popular clips

Clippit allows you to sign-up for an account with Facebook, Twitter or an email address. These days I usually go with the easiest option for me which is linking to Facebook. Who needs another login to remember? Also, there are more controls than ever for privacy settings and apps that make me feel comfortable enough to go with it. Once your account is set, you can view a feed of clips in the Home or Discover streams or start creating your own clips. Just click on the scissors icon and search a show. Most major networks are there with others like ABC Family, TNT and  FOX Sports included as well giving it a pretty good variety to choose from. Find the show or movie you are watching and click on it. Now you can choose a 30 second moment of that show that has happened within the last hour. Basically you can share your favorite clips right after they happen.

I have got to say this is pretty much a one of a kind app. I have never seen the ability to basically share live television before. It isn’t something that I thought I even wanted, but now I do. What is very interesting is that you can’t actually watch the program stream on the app, it just displays the images so you can form a thirty second clip. The show does have to be currently on the air though, so you can’t just make clips from a library of video. I think this is definitely a fun way to watch shows and sports with your friends when they can’t all be in the same place. Just watch out for friends that like to post spoilers!

On top of the ability to share what you watch, Clippit is also a kind of social forum itself. You can browse what others have posted in the app and Up Vote or Down Vote those clips that you like or don’t. Your Clippit profile will have your Clipped and Upvoted clips where you can easily find them again. Follow users whose clips you like, invite your friends to join and share clips in a multitude of ways.

Sports highlights, bloopers and quotable comedies galore. There definitely isn’t a lack of content to share, and Clippit makes it that much easier. Clippit is available for free in the App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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