Coin Drop iPhone Review

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Coin Drop! - Full FatCoin Drop is the best thing to hit the App Store since Peggle was released. When I was first asked to review this game, I immediately thought it was a kids game but how wrong I was. I have now been playing endlessly for hours on end, and to be honest I can’t get enough.

It is similar to Peggle but more colourful and you have a lot more control over what is going on, as Peggle was very much a case of fire and forget, here you can still affect the gameplay throughout each play.

The aim of the game is drop coins into the scene and capture the blue bad coins in order to move onto the next level. In each level you have to collect stars by getting the highest score possible, and there are a lot of bonuses to get. You can get a bonus for capturing all blue bad coins (there are four in each level) a pin bonus for turning the pins red to green, a rescue bonus for helping the pink coins escape and it goes on as you play the game.

You get a certain amount of coins to drop in each level, and touching the screen will launch one coin, in the direction of your choosing, at which point it will bounce around the pegs and other obstacles until it hits a pot at the bottom. You can shake your phone a affect the coins trajectory, and although it may lack Peggle’s tactical vision, there is a far greater level of interaction.

There are several worlds to explore, and each has 15 levels. Each world is gorgeous to look at with plenty of variety on offer, and it’s nice to see a puzzle game with such good graphics. The animation on everything is excellent, and each stage is vibrant and alive with colour. It looks lovely. When you have collected 10 stars you are then awarded another coin to play in the game these can be a UK coin a Euro coin etc.

The game has full Game Center integration, which is a nice bonus, but the lack of Facebook Connect is a real shame. The only other real problem with the game is that, while there are a lot of levels to play, there is only one game mode, and aside from improving your score and the Game Center bits, there isn’t going to be an awful lot, content wise to bring you back after you finish the game.

Overall an addictive and challenging puzzle game, with great graphics and enjoyable gameplay. A lack of modes holds it back slightly, but still an extremely good game.

Coin Drop! - Full Fat



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