Colours! iPhone Review

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Colours! - Happy Blackbird
Colours! is a decent app presented in a strange kind of way. You will spend the first few minutes with it, scrabbling around, wondering just what it is you actually have to do. The explanations really do need a lot of work, as the basic tutorial really doesn’t tell you a lot.

Once you do get things figured out, the app opens itself up to you, and you begin to enjoy it.Colours iphone

Colours! is, unsurprisingly, all about colours, and more specifically, the relationships they have with each other when you mix them. There is a free for all, experimental area, an area that allows you to mix with specific goals, and an area that allows you to view your favourite creations.

You mix different colours from paint pots, but the application is slightly awkward. As soon as you touch the are you want to fill, it gets filled up starkly with that colour, which is quite jarring. Touching a different colour and rubbing it on the same area slowly but surely mixes the colours together. I would have preferred there to be a separate, mixing area, where you could mix the colours before the application of them, and the ability to save different pots of your created colours as new pots just isn’t there.

Here, straight from the developers, are the app’s best features:

Colours!” is the app you were looking for to teach your children about colours and perhaps fiddle around with it yourself, because besides being certainly helpful in learning, it’s a fun app.

The idea is simple: mix primary colours to obtain secondary colours. For example mixing red and blue makes violet while mixing blue and yellow yields you a shade of green. The app lets you and your kids learn about colour mixing by trying out different combinations and once you’re up to it – take up a real challenge and try to guess a colour by its looks. In fact, the “Play” section of the app shows you a colour and it’s up to you to find the right mixture. If you like a colour particularly much, you can always save it for later.

Now, the app is actually pretty useful, and I liked the way you can save your creations, although it is lacking the ability to use those creations in future work. It is really helpful in getting kids to learn about how colours mix together, and the technology behind the colour mixing is actually pretty impressive.

The app is easy to use, and quite attractive, and with a few additions, could prove to be a great educational tool.

Colours! - Happy Blackbird


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