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Expression and creation in just about any form you can imagine in an almost limitless capacity is available in the App Store. The ability to share that creativity with other people and then collaborate has opened so many possibilities. With the popularity of comic books surging to the forefront it is no surprise that users would look to the App Store to try to recreate that same style. You don’t have to be an expert artist to get that professional look. All you need is Comixon – turn your photos into comic strips app by Orange Rockets. Here is the app’s full description:

An innovative communication culture of comic strip stories inside an easy-to-use, social media app.Comixon image 2

Dive into a new image-sharing community with COMIXON!
Get creative and turn your photos into captivating comic-strips to share with friends and family.

Comixon has two zones: A Writing zone, and a Reading zone

Writing zone:
– COMIC STRIPS: Create a comic strip by uploading up to 4 snapshots
– SPEECH BUBBLES: Make alive and give emotions to any character or thing by adding speech bubbles
– ART STYLES: Intensify snapshot effects by special comic art styles

Reading zone:
– BRIGHT COLOR FEEDS: Follow favorite authors and discover other creators from all over the world
– SOCIAL ACTIVITY: Communicate with authors and readers by likes and comments
– STRIP CARDS: Share comic strips to social networks as automaticaly created postcard

Comixon gives anyone the ability to turn their every day moments into a comic strip. Once you sign up, simply tap the plus sign to create your first frame. Choose to take a photo with the camera, or select one from the photo roll. There is also an option to capture frames from a video to incorporate into your strip, a really exceptional feature to have. Change the style to add to your frames ranging from simple lomo and old film options to comixer and even manga. Then customize your story with various speech and thought bubbles. Add more frames to complete your strip, then publish it complete with header and hashtags.

Though there are other apps that will let you apply similar effects to your photos, what is unique about Comixon is that it is also a social media app. Signing up for an account not only lets you create your photo frames, you can then share them within the Comixon community as well as your other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Browse the top posts and follow your favorite authors. Comment, like and even share others’ posts. As fun as it is to create your own, it’s even more fun to browse and see what others are doing with the app. I loved every aspect of Comixon, from the way the app functions to the navigation and multiple uses it has built-in. I had a bit of trouble with the app crashing when I tried to access the News Feed but other than that it worked flawlessly with no issues. Hopefully that one will be taken care of soon. Of course I would love to see some other filters and effects added, though the ones included here are very unique and create some very one-of-a-kind looks.

Comixon – turn your photos into comic strips takes artistic expression to the next level with a social aspect that enhances the user’s experience. Recommended for anyone into the comic strip style and photo sharing. The app is available now in the App Store for free.


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