Credit Call iPhone Review

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Credit Call for iPhone is an app that allows you to use Credit Call as a second phone provider, and routes your calls through their system, instead of your usual provider. It isn’t a VOIP solution, as there are already way too many of them on the market. Think of the prepay cards you can get to call abroad, and you will be in the right ball park. Imagine one of those companies has a smartphone app that automatically routes the call for you and you can understand the obvious benefits.

Here is a description of the app, straight from the developer:

Credit Call is the smartphone way to make cheap national and international calls. With rates starting at 2 cents per minute and network quality that beats VoIP-apps at every front, it is the ideal app to make those long and short distance calls to any number in the world. Download now, and get up to 25 minutes of free calls! Credits can be easily added via the website.

What is Credit Call?

CreditCall is an application for both iPhone and Android, which allows you to manage a second prepaid bundle. When you find yourself in a situation where you don’t want to use your own provider, you simply start the app and make your call! This might for instance prove itself useful and cheap when trying to reach people abroad or when you are out of credit.

How does it work?

Start by downloading Credit Call (free of charge!). You will then receive 50 eurocent to test all the features and to make some calls. By simply entering a phone number, the app will show you the rates per minute, based on country calling codes. Credit Call’s telecom provider will then set you up with the person you are trying to call. Your own provider will not charge any costs, with the exception of when you are abroad (roaming costs may apply). Your friends do not need to use the app in order for you to call them. To set up the connection, a maximum of 1Kb of data is used. When your balance is running low, simply add credit via PayPal, iDEAL or cashU on our website.

The interface of the app is really well done, and looks very much like the built in iOS phone app, except that this has a top up button, of course. I think that the killer feature of the app is that you really can call anyone, as the people you call don’t have to be using Credit Call at all. The way it works really is pretty clever.

Overall, this is a nice free app that offers something a little bit different from the usual Internet based alternative calling options for iOS. Also available for Android, and coming soon to Windows Phone, Credit Call is well worth a look.

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