Croma iPhone Review

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Croma - Mindfruit InteractiveWith the spectrum of innovative games widening, you are sure to find a new one sooner rather than later. For a while it seemed I had to hunt for such gems, but lately the app store has been flooded, and my app collection keeps growing. One such title added to that collection is Croma.

Croma by Mindfruit Interactive is an indescribable game of defense. As simplistic as it gets, you are small shooter depicted only as two intersecting circles. The object of the game is to shoot the enemy light and dark circles before they can get to you, for as long as you can. To do this you must balance the two dimensions of light and dark. Tapping your shooter will switch your visual and audio atmosphere between a monochromatic world of light to dark. To blast the black circles, you must flip to the dark dimension and then back to the light for the white circles.

The balancing act of defending yourself in a high intensity shooting game while managing your enemies’ realities to do it is challenging and unique. The changing of light to dark definitely effects your gameplay as well as the styles of music that comes with it. The soundtrack for the light dimension is softer and calming while the dark dimension is frantic and keeps you in a high paced, hurried mode. The design is abstract and interesting and the fact that it is a time trial keeps it simple and gamers coming back for more. Users can also compete with friends using Game Center and OpenFeint.

Croma is only $.99 in the app store and definitely a stand out game in a world full of creatively satisfying apps. Feed your creativity and the gamer inside you at the same time with Croma, and ask yourself, how long can you survive?



Croma - Mindfruit Interactive


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