Cross Fingers iPhone Review

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You may know Mobigame for it’s (unfairly) controversial title Edge, Truckers Delight, or its recent stealth action game, Perfect Cell. They also have another, rather unassuming title in the iOS App Store, Cross Fingers.

A quick glance at the icon in the store might make you think that this is simply a quick tangram clone, but that would be far from the truth.

Cross Fingers takes the basic template of tangram, turns it on its head and adds some truly finger bending multitouch gameplay into the mix.

The result? An excellent puzzle game, and one that should be considered an essential download for fans of the genre.

The basic premise of the game is to try to fit the tangram shapes into one, larger shaped outline. So far, so tangram, but the challenge here is the awkward level designs you have to get the shapes around in.

They are fiendishly designed, and will require a lot of forward thinking and planning to get through. You will have to think about the size and shape of each block, and how to arrange them so that you can get them in the right order to make the bigger shape up, its not easy but the controls work so well, frustration is kept to a minimum.

You move to pieces by sliding them around, but the designers have intelligently made them slightly magnetized to slot into any available space. It’s only a very slight thing, hardly noticeable, but the fact that its there, for me, makes the game.

Making the shapes travel across the levels correctly is only the beginning of the game, as the is another element that increases the difficulty, and is also where the game gets its name from.

Certain parts of the level, marked in red, must be moved out the way in order to move your shapes along. The problem is that, once you let go, they will spring back into place automatically. So, the only options are to either use a block to hold them up, or to keep your finger in place while you maneuver the other blocks.

This soon becomes a nightmare when there are several that need to be kept up at once, and keeping them up while you move the shapes around becomes an actual physical task as you must decide which fingers to use where. Cross Fingers indeed!

It’s one of the few games on the App Store to actually use the multitouch capabilities of iOS to its full advantage.

For the initial price of the game, you get 240 levels, which will keep you occupied for a long time, and if you still want more, there are purchase options for a further 150 levels. there is also an Arcade mode that adds a more frenetic edge to the gameplay.

Game Center integration rounds of the main, value adding features, and Mobigame have recently dropped a whole load of new levels in a free update, so you know there is support going forward.

Overall, a good looking, intelligent puzzle game that will baffle and delight you in equal measure.




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