Cute VS Evil iPhone Review

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Sometimes, when a game attempts to mix two gameplay styles the results can be an absolute disaster, with many titles ending up as a mess of ideas and half-baked features. Yet, when a developer can get a game like that right, the result can be something quite special, which is what we have here with Cute VS Evil.

The game is a mix of a classic, Puzzle Bobble style orb shooter with a traditional Bejewelled-like match three puzzle game. Sound confusing? It does on paper, but the developer has implemented it so well, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this game skyrocket. cutevsevil

The best way to describe what you actually do in the game would be to imagine a normal match three game, but at the top of the screen are a set of bubbles. If you match three or more in a row, you suddenly get an aiming device wherever your finger is touching, and then moving left or right will tilt your aim, with a bubble shooting off when you release your touch.

It does sound complicated, but believe me when I tell you that it is completely intuitive and you will be up and running in seconds.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

– EASY. Dig right in and meet challenges as you progress.
– RELAXING. No annoying time limits. Just relax and have fun.
– ORIGINAL. The first game to mix swipe and bubble shooter. You have to try it.
– CUTE. Join Mrs. and Mr. Cute on their much-needed adventure.

Cute VS Evil has clearly got some talented developers working on it. Not only have they managed to nail the gameplay, which could have been awful, but the graphics are absolutely superb. They have a hand drawn look to them that has the classic cartoon style, but with far more quality than 95% of casual games on iOS.

It looks as good as the classic PopCap games used to look, and that is saying something. From the beautifully animated map to the expressive characters, this game has some stellar artwork.

The gameplay itself is very addictive, and I have fallen in love with the mix of genres. There are a lot of levels to play through, with more being added all the time. Indeed, the developer has just added 40 new stages in a recent free update, and the already massive map promises more to come. The game is free to play, but there are items that you can buy with real money to help you through the game, but thankfully they are not required in order to proceed.

The game has deep Facebook integration, yet doesn’t seem to work with Facebook the first time you try, but will work the second time you attempt it. I managed to replicate this on several copies of the game, so the second login fix does work. It is a small issue, dwarfed by the rest of the game.

Cute VS Evil is a top-notch casual game for iOS. With brilliant graphics, unique and excellent gameplay, and an incredibly high level of presentation throughout, this should be considered a ‘must have’ game for iPhone.


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