DanceDancePlayer iPhone Review

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DanceDancePlayer, available for iPhone and iPad through the Apple iTunes App Store, is an interesting new way of experiencing music on your device, through dance. The app is designed to let you play music while getting to see dance routines to that music at the same time, and it is a novel app in that regard, as I havent seen anything like it before.

The app functions just like a normal music player, for the most part. It can play the music stored on your device, with support for iPod music that has been downloaded, and also has support for over 70,000 Internet radio stations, so there is always something to listen to here. The usual playback functions are all here, such as play, pause and shuffle, and you can also edit playlists from within the app which is a nice touch and there are even a couple of different button skins.

Things only change from a normal music player in the visual department, where you have a variety of doll characters, dancing along to the music. There are four to choose from, and all seem suitable for anyone to watch, so no skimpy dresses or anything like that, and there is also an array of backgrounds to select which add a bit of depth and variety to the image.

The characters will bop along to the music quite nicely, and the animation here is pretty decent. I liked the fact that they all have idle animations as well, for when there is no music playing. Watching someone dance along to the music does make a difference to how you experience that music, and if you think you would like this sort of thing, then the app is free to download and have a try.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

– 4 nice characters that can dance
– A number of stage decorations
– 2 buttons skins
– Support of iPod music. The songs must be downloaded to your device
-Internet radio playback. More than 70k radio stations for the dolls to dance.
– Editable current playlist
– The doll performs various movements while music is off

DanceDancePlayer is an interesting experiment. While many may not see the appeal, I am sure there are a lot of dance fans who would love to see and use this app, so it does come recommended as there is little else like it on the App Store, as far as I can see. The little touches are what makes the app better, such as the idle animations, the way the controls slide off the screen after a few seconds, and the additional playback skin. They are the tell-tale signs that real effort has gone into the production of the app, and I really hope it finds the market it is aiming for.



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