Defense of Greece TD iPhone Review

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When looking for a good tower defense game, you want an epic battle. The Greek empire is certainly one that is known for its bout with others in extraordinary fashion. What better premise than to battle and defend Greece? Defense of Greece TD by Sergey Gritsay wants to put you in the middle of all the action.

Defense of Greece TD is tower defense game set in Ancient Greece. Strategically place your best weapons, bring Greece to victory and claim your reward! Here is the apps full description:

A amazing tower defense game.Defense of Greece image 2
Colorful graphics, exciting story, captivating gameplay!
Excellent combination of the ancient Greece era, steam powered engines and mechanized robots will keep you interested.
Build powerful tools, plan defense strategy, level up from rookie to general!
Grand battles with swarms of units on every level.
Many tactics and varying levels of difficulty.
Available upgrades and improvements for weapons and artillery.

– Surprising storyline!
– 60 levels on 4 islands, several levels of difficulty
– Ancient Greek setting in conjunction with the steam powered machines and robots
– 14 enemy types (including infantry, mechanized, air, sea)
– 4 types of combat towers with upgrade possibilities
– 5 types of mechanisms that will affect the performance of your combat towers and can be upgraded
– Exciting quests
– Ability to intervene in the battle using grenades, Tribolo, and lightning
– English, German and Russian languages

To play Defense of Greece TD, a strategic mind is key. Unlike other battle premise apps you don’t react to a fighter as much as you plan your attack and then watch it take place. To begin you are the new sergeant for the Greek army and paired up with a new mechanic who has several new inventions for battling the enemy. She will teach you how to build these new weapons, what their purpose is, and how to use them to defend. These new contraptions aren’t anything Ancient Greece would have seen in their time with the technology being far more advanced, but the app is allowed creative luxuries so I went with the story. Set-up the fancy new machines and watch them wipe out the enemy troops. Earn coins with accurate hits and be sure to upgrade your weapons to keep up with the waves of attacks. Strategic placing and upgrading choices will assure you the win.

Defense of Greece TD is a fun concept. The artwork is very well done and the story is entertaining. The dialogue between the mechanic and the commander is playful and keeps you engaged as it moves the story forward. With games of this genre, I tend to get bored after the first few waves of attacks. Here I am interested in what new weapons I will be able to use next and how I can better maneuver to beat the level. With 60 unique levels set on 4 different islands with varying degrees of difficulty, you have hours of entertainment in one app. Enemies aren’t restricted to land either as attacks by air and sea are also encountered to throw you off and keep you tweaking your strategy. Upgrading your weapons is definitely key, and if the level does not reward you enough to do so, there are always in-app purchases to help you attain more along the way if you wish.

Defense of Greece TD is a tower defense game with more to offer than your standard set ‘em up and shoot scenario. The futuristic twist keeps things interesting with characters that engage as well as train you to be the successful sergeant that army needs. The app is universal and available for free now in the App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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