DialMask iPhone Review

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itunes iconThese days it seems like privacy can be hard to come by. Some situations you just don’t want to use your personal cell phone number for. For those occassions, DialMask by DialMask Inc has you covered. Here is the apps full description:

imageThere is an ever-growing need to protect your identity given recent news of hacks and data breaches. DialMask protects your mobile phone number from further exposure to the public thereby limiting your personal information from being compromised.

Did you know that your mobile phone number is public information? With DialMask you add a layer of privacy to keep your personal number safe and secure. Safely make and receive calls and texts with your own private number from DialMask. Gain some peace of mind knowing that your personal number remains personal.

Try the app for free! Simply register with your mobile phone number. Upon sign up, we’ll give you a $2.50 credit; enough to get you started with your first US or Canada number along with 10 minutes of call time.

• Registration does not require any personal information
• Not a call back or call forwarding service
• No contracts, pay as you go, add funds when you need it
• Choose your own private number(s) with voicemail
• Add or delete a private number at any time
• Make and receive calls from anywhere in the world
• Local and international calls at competitive rates
• Turn your number into a dedicated conference call service
• Texting available for US, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and UK numbers

• Ever been asked for your number by someone you don’t know well?
• Do you use your personal number to manage your business?
• Have you ever filled out registration forms requiring a phone number?
• Are you on social networking or dating websites and apps?
• Do you ever buy, bid or sell online?
• Are you hiring movers? Painters? Plumbers? etc…

• Requires an active mobile phone number
• Requires iPhone 5s device or higher
• Requires iOS 8.0 or higher
• Requires network connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, LTE)
• No mobile minutes used when using the app
• Not for iPad or Apple Watch
• Not for 911 emergency services
• Local area code availability may vary
• DialMask numbers automatically expire in 28 days if your account has insufficient funds

When you first open DialMask, it will ask you to enable notifications and have access to contacts. Sign-up by entering your phone number to receive a code texted to it. Once you verify the code, you will create a pin code to sign-in with. Once registration is done, you will need to go to the shop to get a new number. Search for an available number by pattern, area code or region. When you select an available number you want, there will be a price of $2.00. The account balance starts off with a balance of $2.50 to spend, so basically the first number ends up being free. Additional numbers will need to be purchased with credits that can be bought in increments, from $4.99 to $29.99. The interface is equipped to make phone calls, messages and voicemail, all features you would use to communicate from a regular phone number.

I like how simple DialMask is to use. It walks you through getting started and even picking a number. With access to your contact list it is easy to call or message anyone right from the app. Your contact receives the information to their phone normally without the need for signing up for DialMask service, so you are getting exactly what is advertised, a private number. I should mention the charge for the phone number isn’t the only cost. Calls and messages are charged according to the rate for your country. The rates aren’t costly and easily found in the shop, but be aware you will need to keep your account funded to continue use.

The DialMask app is a convenient and easy solution to obtaining a private number when needed. DialMask is available now in the App Store for free.


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