DMV Genius FREE iPhone Review

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DMV Genius FREE: Permit Practice Tests for Your State - Elegant eLearningDMV Genius is an app that aims to help you pass the DMV permit test for your state. The app has 180 questions that are all based around the driver handbook for your state, although only a few of these are accessible for free before you have to purchase the rest of the questions.

There are up to 5 different tests that you can get for each state, one of which (the free test) has 20 questions, and the other four each have 40 questions. The questions are presented nicely, with clear images and concise phrasing, with four possible answers given. Select the right one and you move onto the next question, but selecting the wrong one gives you a full explanation of where you went wrong as well as letting you know what the right answer was for next time. There is also a handy hint that you can choose to use.

Once you have gone through all the questions, you are judged on how well you did, with your score given both as a percentage and as a numerical value. A pass or fail is also given, and this really does help you to know exactly where you are in terms of potentially passing the actual test in reality.

The questions and answers are given randomly at the start of each new test, meaning that you actually learn the information as opposed to learning how to ‘beat’ the app, which is an important distinction that many apps of the type simply don’t offer.

The only problem I found with the questions was when answers used more than one or two lines of text and had to scroll. Not a problem when only one of the answers does this, but it can be really distracting when all four do it. Perhaps the option to pause the scrolling would be an idea.

There is a limit of three tests with this free version, but that should be enough to inform you whether you need the app, and the upgrades are fairly cheap. Each time you open the app, you have to select a state, and I would like it if you could select a favourite state that the app loads as default instead of having to scroll through the list every time.

The questions are apparently really accurate to what you will be asked in the actual test, and feature specific images, questions and answers for each state. The fact that there is no filler content in the app is really good – you just do the questions, and the app tells you how well you are doing, and the developer has many success stories to tell regarding this app helping people to actually pass their tests.

I think this direct approach really works, and is just what people will need. I am in the UK, but after using this app I am fairly confident that I could now pass the Florida test! That speaks volumes on how well DMV Genius does its job.

I would like the couple of tiny issues I mentioned fixed to really make the app as easy to use as possible, but even as it is, this is a superb effort from the developer.

Highly recommended.

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DMV Genius FREE: Permit Practice Tests for Your State - Elegant eLearning


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