Dolphin Play iPhone Review

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Dolphin Play - Recharge StudiosWhen I heard that I was going to review this game I was very excited as I am a sucker for Dolphins and love games that I can collect XP and level up, so in theory the perfect game for me.

This is a very easy and relaxing game to play, with the structure very similar to many online games and Facebook games. You can buy all kinds of tropical fish and Dolphins, fed them, clean the tank simply by swiping with your fingers, buy different backgrounds, decorations and plants that all earn you XP, you can also buy and sell as many fish and dolphins as you wish (bearing in mind you need enough money to do so!).

 While you keep on earning money, you make your way through the 23 levels that are on offer buying all kinds of different fish and Dolphins.

 Your tank eventually looks very impressive once you have a few creatures living there and also some decorations, and is full of colour and movement, and it’s nice to just leave the game running like a screensaver, which was also where the app originated from.

 My favourite part of the game is when you click on a dolphin you get the option to train your dolphin to increase their skills, and these parts of the game are great, looking and playing a lot like Ecco the Dolphin. Playing these sections will make you wish the developer would release a full adventure game, as all the basics are there.

 The visuals in this game are lovely and tranquil and the sound effects are very calming as you play its like having your own virtual aquarium in the palm of your hands.

The other brilliant thing about this app is when its time to feed your fish and dolphins you get notification alerts telling you to feed them or they might die. A nice use of push notifications.

 There are many games like this on the app store these days, but not all of them are as well done as this, and you can tell a lot of love went into the development of this title.

Like others in the Freemium genre you will find yourself coming back to this as it gets its hooks into you.

The only problem with this app is that if you are in to games you can play all the time or looking for action this is probably not for you but if you are looking for a calming and relaxing game this is brilliant, although it will probably mainly appeal to a younger audience and Facebook addicts.

Dolphin Play - Recharge Studios


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  1. I found this app glitchy at times and I’m not sure why.  For example:  Each breed of fish has a specific maturation rate.  However, sometimes my fish will not mature according to the time prescribed ie.  I will buy a fish with a two day maturation rate, and 24 hours later, the fish have only progressed 25 minutes into their growth. I find it strange and irritating, when I am trying to sell the fish for a profit or clear my tank, so I don’t have to constantly feed the fish or in order to liquidate. 

    • That must be really annoying, thanks for letting us know. The developer frequents this site so hopefully a fix will be on the way. If not, then I will pass the bug on to them directly.

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