Doodle Shapes iPhone Review

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Doodle Shapes - Blazing ApplicationsDoodle Shapes, brought to us by Blazing Applications, is a simple, but addictive game with a nice graphical style and decent gameplay. It’s not going to set the world alight, but is a good addition to your collection if you are after a casual game that looks and feels a little bit different, although a lack of content does hold it back.

Playing in a very similar way to webOS game, Fall-E, the game is a vertically scrolling action platform game. Viewed from a 2D, side on perspective, the level automatically scrolls downward, with the aim being to keep your ball from either getting squashed by the upwardly mobile platforms, or by falling off the screen below.

Controls are handled by tilting the device, which makes the ball roll left or right.

In my view, I found that Doodle Shapes controlled a little better than Fall-E. Control isn’t as tight, but that’s the point; the ball is more affected by momentum and can be difficult to keep on the platforms, but this actually makes for a more fun game.

The game has a great feel to it, and this is complemented by the graphics, which are really nice. In the same style as their previous game, Miner Escape, the title has a hand drawn look. Here though, the ball is really well animated and is set on a background of crumpled paper.

The level is randomly generated, and gets faster the longer you survive. The hardest part is usually at the beginning, as you get into the swing of things and line up the tricky first drop.

There is another game mode, black out, which makes most of the level dark, increasing the difficulty and also the variety. It’s a shame there are no other modes, as having a few more things to do would make the game have a lot more to bring you back.

There are four different balls to unlock, all of which affect the gameplay. The shapes are unlocked by getting further in the game, and it will take you a little while to unlock the final, star shape.

The way these shapes affect the gameplay, combined with the two gameplay modes mean there is enough variety to keep you happy. A ‘self scrolling’, timed mode would be a nice addition, and although I wish there were more modes, there is just enough here.

The game saves your best score, which is a nice touch, although a full leaderboard would have been a better choice.

There is a lot to like here, as I said the game isn’t going to blow your mind, but if you are looking for decent gameplay, nice graphics and addictive, platform based casual action, you could do a lot worse than giving Doodle Shapes a try.

Doodle Shapes - Blazing Applications


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