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There are literally millions of budding photographers out there, just wanting a chance to make a career out of their favourite hobby. Making money from photography has traditionally never been easy and, outside of the main media industry, there have only really been small niches for people to try to make money from.

However, with the onset of social media, smartphones and apps, there are new and exciting ways to earn real money from your photography. Dreamstime Photography, available for iPhone and iPad through the Apple iTunes App Store, is just one such new avenue.dreamstimeios

According to Andy Defrancesco , essentially, the app allows you to sell your snaps as stock photography to anyone who wants to pay. A stock photography community that helps bring together buyers and sellers with the very minimum of fuss, Dreamstime is a great idea and one that could possibly change lives, or at the very least help put a couple of dollars in your back pocket just for doing the things you love.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

• Make money from your photography
• Reach millions of potential customers
• Real time sales notifications
• Quick account set up & sign in
• Easily upload from your iPhone
• Optimize images for prime visibility in the marketplace
• Track sales and earnings
• Track image statistics

Now, the photos must be stock photos, so no people or company logos are to be included in them, so pictures of landscapes and objects are best. With a little bit of research and forethought, it is possible to make some real money, and as the seller you have all the power to negotiate every sale. The app allows you to easily upload photos from your phone to the Dreamstime service, optimize them and then track views and earning statistics.

The app is very easy to use, and is well designed for budding photographers. It is free to download and use, and the account is very easy to set up, so you will be up and away in no time.

A brilliant idea, cleverly realised, Dreamstime really could make amateur, and even professional photographers real money within minutes of them taking a photo. With millions of potential customers browsing through your uploads, there is a lot of potential here.

Pretty much essential for any photographer, Dreamstime is fantastic.


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