E.T. Lands in the App Store

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E.T. The Green Planet - Chillingo Ltd

For his 30th Anniversary, E.T. has arrived in the App Store with his own game, courtesy of Chillingo.

E.T. The Green Planet is a universal app that allows users to enjoy an interactive journey across the moon with E.T. as he returns home to save his dying planet. Using E.T.’s ability to heal, players will create gardens of exotic plants and even species to revive the Green Planet.

Game Features:

· Experience the mysterious world of The Green Planet and its inhabitants.
· Meet E.T.’s wise teacher, Botanicus, and an army of Micro Tech workers who help you breed new and exotic plant species.
· Grow and nurture new plant varieties and watch your garden grow.
· Collect recognizable artifacts from the film and construct a communicator to contact Earth.
· Cross-breed seeds to create amazing new plant hybrids.
· Beautiful original artwork and animation brings the planet to life.
· Visit your friends’ gardens on The Green Planet and invite new players via Facebook and Twitter.


E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial has also been released in special 30th Anniversary editions on Blu-Ray and DVD. E.T. The Green Planet is available now as a free download in the App Store.

E.T. The Green Planet - Chillingo Ltd



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