Earth Extinction iPhone Review

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itunes iconSpace. The final frontier. The stuff some of the best games are based on. And some of the worst. That being said, it is always interesting to see what another envisions it to be like. After all, most of us have never been, so it is made up mostly of imagination. Earth Extinction on iPhone is nothing if not imaginative.

Earth Extinction, by Pascal Hadidane, is a space adventure that challenges you to defeat the enemy and survive. Here is the app’s full description:

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Change in the Licence model: Please go under options to “Premium Buy” to complete the game to unlock.

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All early owners benefit from a free Premium Upgrade!

Pushed back in the expanses of the universe, from their own creation,

humanity itself must now bring back what was once their …

After many deadly battles draw people now with their last fleet into battle against the powerful cyborgs

Now it´s your turn, lead the last human forces to a great VICTORY!

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* Global Leaderboard
* Free choice how to arm your Space Fighters
* Background Music
* Computer Voice
* Wingman(independant of main Premium)

If you purchase the main Premium Upgrade you will get following content: (Options-Menu)

* The Havoc Space Fighter
* Many new all time available Items to equip your Ships
* 2 Bonus Music Tracks
* Advertisement Removal

Tested on iPhone 4S(160 MB free Ram are required)

Notice: Restart the Game after purchasing Premium Features!

Tutorial: In Game (Options-Menu)
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Space Shooter/Arcade/Action

Choose your Space Fighter and get into the Battle!

Build your Equipment and arm your Space Fighter.

Blast your Enemies and achieve a new HighScore!

Important: Informations during Purchase are only used to generate your Licence. The Informations are common and not of private nature!

Advertisement could show up in Non-Premium Version.

Earth Extinction is a very interesting space odyssey. To begin you can pick your ship then choose how to arm it and with what by dragging the weapons to the space fighter. Fortunately there is a robot voice guiding you because there isn’t much instruction otherwise. Once equipped, your mission begins. First you must position the docking station and launch your fighter. The war has begun as you use the built in joystick to maneuver your way around enemies, assaulting them any way you can.

This app feels exactly as it is described on the main screen: Arcade. A very Space Invaders feel with modern ideas, adding the ship customization and more maneuverability with the digital joystick. I like the idea of launching from the space station and being able to dock back. Though it does need more instruction on what exactly the mission is and how to do it. I figured out mostly by pressing various buttons until things happened. The graphics are also very basic and leave something to be desired for a space adventure.

Overall it is a fun game. For the full price there are no ads, and premium features that were previously unlocked through in-app purchase are now included. Earth Extinction is available in the App Store now for $2.99 and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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