Earth Keeper: Avengers! iPhone Review

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We recently reviewed a game called Battle Earth from Triniti Stars, and thought that it was one of the most chaotic games we have ever covered here at The Smartphone App Review. Well, Triniti Stars are back with a game that gives Battle Earth a run for its money in terms of pure mayhem, Earth Keeper: Avengers.

The game has its tongue placed firmly in its cheek as it mixes up intense battles with UFC overtones and superhero gags. With a lot happening on-screen at any one time, it can be difficult to understand exactly what is going on, but this is still a very good tactical brawler with plenty for comic book fans to love.

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Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

– Recruit 200 animated characters
– Ultimate fighting mode inside the walls of metal chain-link fence
– Strategic game play to win the battle: Tower, Captain, Summoner, Nuclear, Fireball,
– EFC battle inside the metal chain-link fence

There are different sections to each battle, and I liked the way they felt as if they smoothly progressed, with combat flowing nicely between each segment. The characters are extremely well done, with wit and intelligence in their design. There are 200 different characters in the game, all of which are fully animated so the work has clearly been put in here.

The soundtrack also deserves a special mention, as it is as riotous as the gameplay and graphics. The gameplay itself actually starts off in a very simple manner, but soon becomes more and more complicated as you progress through the game. Powers and abilities that seemed like overkill to begin with soon become lifesavers and an integral part of the gameplay.

Overall, there is a lot of content here and plenty of character. If you like your games to mix genres as well as this one, then Earth keeper: Avengers! is worth more than a second look.


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