Eco Mania iPhone Review

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Eco Mania - Seby MoiseiAt first glance, Eco Mania is a very simplistic game, but dig deeper and more is discovered. The objective of Eco Mania is to sort the variety of objects that are coming down the conveyor belt into the four main bins: paper, metal, glass, and plastic. The more points you rack up, the faster the objects come into view and demand placement into its proper recycling bin.

On your first try, the rapid speeds that the conveyor belt can reach can be daunting and hard to handle, but with more practice, it does get a little easier. This application requires a good eye to decipher between what can be recycled and what can be thrown out, as well as quick reflexes to have the ability to catch it before it travels off-screen. Any object you incorrectly place or do not grab results in an X and in a loss of a life. Once you rally up three X’s, the game is over. There are over 100 different items made available for you to categorize, so game play does not get boring.

The “Game Over” screen that you are greeted with contains information on how your recycling could impact the real world. You are told, in pounds, what you could have saved had you recycled that same amount in your life; as well as given an interesting little recycling fact. Now back to the main screen. On the main screen, you are given the four main options: play, stats, options, and “Guidebook for a better world”. With stats, you can see at a quick glance what you recycled all together and over how many games you recycled it all. You also can see your high score and overall score. Options brings you to the pretty standard music and SFX settings; whether you want them on or off. The “Guidebook for a better world” is basically a book of tips and facts about recycling and helping to do your part to save our environment. Simply click the red ribbon to flip through the book and read the 100 different ones available to you.

Oddly enough, the one thing this app is lacking is a help feature. There is no place implemented into the game itself that explains the purpose of this game or how to play or any of that. How could that be left out? People just buying this app will be lost on what exactly to do because they are just thrown into the game with no direction. Maybe a later version could fix this.

For a brand new application, the developer did a great job designing the game to be both entertaining and informational. The developer has given each recycling bin its own personality to add to the entertainment. Their personalities vary from the paper bin being a nerd equipped with his very own glasses and a pencil to a gothic metal bin with dark eyeliner, an eyebrow piercing, and a skull tattoo on his bin. During game play, you can swipe your finger in front of them to make them look a different way, adding to the experience. But; that move would not be advised because it causes you to take your eyes off the game and result in losing.

The deep thought that went into making this application as effective as possible can be seen on every screen. For $0.99, this app is worth your money. It is very well-built; no signs of bugs and no crashes have popped up after extensive use. Anyone looking for a simple game that requires quick thinking to win, could not go wrong picking up this app.

Eco Mania - Seby Moisei


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  1. Patricia B. on

    Finally, a game that i really learned something from. Beside the fun, it gives you tips on how important is to recycle. Did you know that a plastic bag is used for about 15 minutes and disintegrates in 500 years? Jesus… I recommend this game, it really raises your adrenaline at higher scores :D/

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