Edge Sequel Coming Soon (Update: Details + Not a direct sequel)

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MobiGame is one of our favourite developers here at The Smartphone App Review, with all the games from them that we have reviewed scoring highly.

So, it is with quite a bit of excitement that we can tell you that MobiGame have teased the sequel for one of their best and most well known games, Edge.

All they have revealed, via their Twitter account is that the game is titled Edge Extended, and will be released in the summer. The first game was the source of much controversy as MobiGame were hounded by trademark troll, Tim Langdell for the use of the word ‘edge’.

Luckily, that is all in the past, and the game was also brilliant, an isometric action puzzle game of the highest order.

We have contacted MobiGame for more information, and we will update you with anything we are allowed to, but in the meantime check out the teaser screen below.


MobiGame have been kind enough to give us a few more details. The game is not ‘Edge 2’, but more of a continuation of Edge, but with a whole load of new ideas. It is a standalone app, and one that will be available for both iPad and iPhone as a universal app. There will be around 40 levels and MobiGame tell us to expect surprises.

Keep an eye on the site, there will be a lot more on this one in the future.


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