Egnyte iPhone Review

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Egnyte - EgnyteCloud based online storage solutions have been popping up everywhere in the last few years. Box, Dropbox and even Apple’s own iCloud have entered the fray, all offering different solutions for different prices, but I have to say, Egnyte has really won me over with their own ‘hybrid’ solution.

For business users, this really does now have to be the best app and service of its type at the moment, and I shall tell you why; it is that ‘hybrid’ buzzword I just mentioned.

The problem with most cloud based storage solutions is just that- they are stuck in the cloud. Users or organisations usually have to manually upload content, which is then safely locked up in the cloud. But what if you can’t get online, or if you only want certain areas available to certain parts of your organisation, even to members of the same department? Well, Egnyte makes all of this a breeze. A combination of FTP access, mapped cloud folders, sub folder permissions and much more makes this stand head and shoulders above the competition.

If you are worried that your business might miss a feature of Box or Dropbox, don’t worry as Egnyte can also do just about everything those services can do, it simply expands the idea of cloud based storage for enterprise systems, as well as adding enterprise class security to both online and offline storage.

Now, that of course means that this really isn’t aimed at individuals, but at companies ranging from several people in a small office to multi office mid sized business, al the way up to the big corporate boys. However, if you do run a small business, even if you are the only employee, I can see this having real benefits, especially when the prices for small business are so good. $24.99 a month is superb, and I think Egnyte should be congratulated for offering so much at this price point. Moving up the price ladder, you do get more for your money, and even at $12.99 per employee, this still makes good sense for bigger organisations.

So, onto the actual app.

Here are the app’s best features, according to the developer:

* Access files on your iPhone from anywhere

* Securely share files using links or email attachments

* Store files locally on your iPhone for offline use

* Search, edit, create, and save documents

* Sync files on your iPhone with any computer, network-attached storage, or virtual machine

* Collaborate effectively using automatic file versioning, annotations and notifications

The two most important parts of that list are the ability to store files locally on your iPhone for offline use, and the part about collaborating. These two things make the app indispensable to Egnyte users, as the ability to create annotations and notifications for colleagues is fantastic. Of course you can do the expected uploading and viewing of documents, but the fact that the app actually lets you edit documents may prove a lifesaver in many situations.

Here is a little tip for our readers: if you have paid to use Box for more than two months, you can get Egnyte free for the rest of the 2012!

Overall, this is a superb app for an excellent service. The app itself is good looking and very fast, with an intuitive and easy interface, and the service is great for businesses. This comes highly recommended as an essential addition to any modern organisation.

Egnyte - Egnyte


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