Emperor’s Dice: Clash of Fate iPhone Review

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Here we have another game from Triniti Stars, who have a good track record of providing robust, interesting casual game experiences. We have covered several of their games recently, and have come away impressed from all of them, but can they maintain such a good run?

It turns out they can, as Emperor’s Dice is a smashing virtual board game that has plenty of character and enough content to keep you playing for a very long time.

The game is basically an extended version of Monopoly, but with added strategic elements and battles. The animations are great, and the characters are all very well created, with plenty of individuality and the sound design is very good, and very atmospheric.

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Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

• Choose from Single Player or Real-Time Multiplayer Mode
• Awesome Graphics and Themed Music
• Collect Heroic Commanders and Soldiers
• Power-Up Your Sovereign for Victory
• Daily Bonuses Just for Playing!
• Ranking System with Sweet Rewards
• Promotion System for Max Level Commanders
• Play at Hot Times for Coin and Ranking Score Bonuses!
• Upgrade! Shop for Cards, Elixir, Dice, Boosts, and More!

There are a lot of boards to work your way through, with an overworld map used well to give the game a real sense of progression. The bulk of your time will be spent in finishing the main single player content, and this will take a very long time indeed. The developer has a good habit of creating events in line with real world events. So at the time of publishing this review, there is a Valentines Day event happening in the game.

I like this, as it means there is always new content and things to do in the game, and events can always bring you back in after you have been away a while. Daily Quests, which are achievement style challenges, also add extra longevity to the game. There is also online play included, to give you some multiplayer fun, and this part of the game will prove to be the most challenging as you take on friends and players from all over the world.

The only thing I feel is missing from the game is any kind of pass and play local multiplayer option. I hope the developer can add this in the future, as it would really suit Emperor’s Dice.

Overall, there is plenty for board game fans to get their teeth into here, with a mind-boggling array of content and options married to some addictive board game play. Online play is the icing on an extremely decent cake.


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