Enemy Dawn iPhone Review

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Enemy Dawn, available for iPhone and iPad through the Apple iTunes App Store, is so very nearly the game I wanted it to be. The images reminded me of Silkworm, the ancient side scrolling Amiga game that allowed you to take control of a jeep that was super agile and dangerous.

Enemy Dawn does share some basic gameplay elements with that classic, as you control a vehicle and must guide it around a 2D area, destroying tanks and planes with a multi-directional weapon.

Sadly, it shares little else, as this is a far too difficult game where you are always on the defensive with a feel that doesn’t quite work, even if it is actually a pretty decent little game in its own right.

You control the vehicle by tilting left and right to get it to trundle in different directions, with the cannon’s aim guided by the right hand side of the screen and the firing on the left, although these controls are optional.

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The first thing I should say about the game is that the graphics are really nice, with a sparce yet sharp look that I found really impressive. The only problem with the graphics are that I feel the vehicles are perhaps a little too large for the screen, meaning that it can be difficult to manuever away from enemy attacks in tight areas, although this really is nit picking as the overall look is superb.

The problems I had with the gameplay is that the weapons you fire travel quite slowly, meaning that the window of opportunity for destroying each enemy is very small, and that the movement of the gun didn’t feel as smooth as it should. Both of these things combine to make the general shooting experience unsatisfactory.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

*Call in artillery strikes
*Fire Katyusha rockets
*Fight off attacking aircraft
*Fight off infantry and tanks
*Attack warships
*Historic landmarks 
*4 languages supported- English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese 

The game does work well, despite the gameplay features, but I just hope that the developer makes a more expansive sequel that tightens up the basic gameplay, gives us proper, larger levels and more variety in the enemy patterns and types.

If it seems like I am being a little harsh on Enemy Dawn, it is because I can see the seeds of a really good game in here, and I hope the developer takes the advice on board, as they clearly have talent, but they need to focus on making the game a little tighter on terms of action and more expansive in terms of design.

Still, there is a lot to like here, and I am sure it will entertain many. The graphics are great, there is a decent level of variety in some of the stages, such as where you take to the water and take on enemy ships, and the audio is also top-notch.



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