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Engines of Vengeance, available for iPhone and iPad though the Apple iTunes App Store, is a one on one fighting game with a huge emphasis on customisation that still retains a high degree of playability, even with so many combat options on offer.

The game is essentially a 2D brawler, but with far more freedom of movement than fighters usually offer. This freedom is needed as you can customise your machine to allow it to roll, fly, drive and shoot, and things can soon get pretty hectic when you have two crazy machines going at it, Robot Wars style.

Creating your fighter is made very easy with a nifty little creation tool that allows you to bolt on the parts you want to use in very intuitive manner. While it is fun to create the most insane machines possible, the real game here is to create something that can take apart your opponents with ease.


Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

Engines of Vengeance (EoV) is a combat arena game where you build your own combat machine to defeat your opponent.
Construct your vehicle with dozens of objects to challenge your opponent.
You can play against AI or your friends, win new items and coins to upgrade your equipment.
Equip automatic cannons and devastating special weapons to crush your enemy and use shields and heavy armor to survive their counterattacks.

The game does seem like pure random chaos when you first start playing, but there really is an art to it, with effective counters to different weapons and tools available. The matches versus the AI are a fun distraction, but it is when playing a human that the game really begins to show its true colours, and when just spamming attacks isn’t enough.

I really liked the art style with shades of steampunk to be found in the clockwork contraptions that you create and the music is spot on, matching the chaos happening on screen perfectly.

I just wish that the developer could take the game to the next level, with two features that I feel could make this shine. Online multiplayer, and the ability to upload and share your creations would together, make this game sing. Hopefully, features like these will find their way into Engines of Vengeance one day.

Still, what is here works very well, and is great fun to play around in. With some great visuals, great local multiplayer, excellent music and superb customisation options,  Engines of Vengeance is certainly worth a look.


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