Engraver iPhone Review

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Achieve beautiful, stylized photo effects with the Engraver – creates engraving artworks app by AlphaPlugins. Here is the app’s full description:

This app is so much fun to play with, but it’s much more than a toy. With it, you can create images resembling the hand-made works of a true master who spent painstaking hours over a work of art.

The Engraver app lets you turn any picture into an impressive old-style engraving that looks hand-drawn. A powerful, extremely qualitative engine and carefully selected presets of parameters let you choose a wide variety of engraving effects without any extra effort or special knowledge.

– The power and productivity of AlphaPlugins EngraverIII pro tool.
– The best sets of parameters, specially chosen for you.
– Elegant and easy-to use intuitive interface.
– 20 years of image processing experience in your hands. Just enjoy with creating!

First open the app and select or take a photo. You can also select one of the sample images included to play around with first if you like. Engraver adds a specific effect to your photos that makes them appear to be handmade by adding texture lines, color, and shading. Thirteen different default looks are included to select, from a milder, delicate look that is minimal in black and white to a more accented look called Van Gogh with bright popping colors and contrast. Different traits can be added and fine-tuned until the desired effect is reached. Adjustments such as line size can be made as well as increased darkness and light in the photo.

Using the app is fairly easy with a familiar format and interface that is comparable to other photo effect apps. A smaller preview is generated before any filter is added to the image which is nice when scanning through for the perfect look. There is no apparent undo button, but I noticed I could swipe right to clear the last filter added. Once completed, edited images can be saved to the iPhone or shared via message, email or social media. Rendering can take a little bit of time but nothing outside of the norm for an app of this type. The selections in the default collection are beautiful and more than enough for the price of this app. If you want even more, the Engraver Advanced and Profiled sets can be added for an in-app purchase of only $0.99 each.

The Engraver app is a great addition for any photo editing app junkie that wants to add the look of a handcrafted work of art to their camera roll. The app is available now in the App Store for $2.99 and is designed for iPhone and iPad.


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