Enter the Reveries iPhone Review

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Looking for a challenging, colorful adventure on which to spend your time? Well Enter the Reveries is probably just what you’re looking for. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

Enter the Reveries is a new groundbreaking side-scrolling mobile game that is hand-illustrated in eight distinct art styles by one artist. It is both a modern mobile gaming experience, and a totally cutesy way to pass the time. An innovative blend of art and technology. A breath of fresh air.

Guide eight characters (clumsies), through 24 gorgeous stages, customize your clumsies with 32 ravishing Reveries, and use ancient Relics for a boost along the way. Accomplish all of that, and you will unlock over 100 collectible clowncards, which reveal all the secrets and mythology of Clowntown; because in Clowntown nothing is what it seems.

Eight featured animations weave together the storyline to create a trippy visual spectacle with a plethora of eye-popping art styles to ensure that your eyes will never get bored. 

To begin this epic adventure, start by registering user info in the app to save progress and purchase items, though there is an option to skip this step if desired. Right off the bat, a rush of exciting, brightly colored graphics fill the screen with great in game music that really sets a tone. The first district to play is Pillow Place, described as a “fantastical utopia filled with fairy tale creatures made of paper… built on top of a battleground.” This sets the scene for quite the story. A quick tutorial shows the one tap gameplay mechanics. Tap once for the Reverie to jump, twice to jump longer distances. I found the voice acting for the instruction really well done.

Players begin with 8 lives. Spinning round and round, tap to jump from one cycling air pillow to the next. Beware creatures lurking that can sabotage the run with just one hit. The game here is timing. These jumps must be perfect or back to the start you go. Finding things difficult? Use a Relic to rocket across most of the level or shield you from enemy harm. Relics can only be bought with shards, so be sure you use them wisely. Shards can be purchased through in-app purchases for some instant assistance.

To say this is a difficult app to beat is putting it lightly. The timing is crucial. Maybe my impatience got the best of me, but it took me more than several tries to get through the first part of the first district, Macrame Meadow in Pillow Place. By the time I could finally celebrate that I had made it to the next part, I was on my last life and was sent back to the beginning of Macrame Meadow. There are no check-points, so you have to be on your game. Though difficult to complete, it is satisfying once it has been conquered. Similar to other repetitive apps like Flappy Bird, the constant failing keeps the user coming back for more. Unlimited Graphic Design options are the best thing here. Though here there is soothing music and stellar graphics to look at while your Reverie plummets to their end .

Described as an Artistic Adventure Platformer, I would say that is an appropriate description. A trippy visual spectacle indeed. The distinct hand illustration and different art styles definitely makes this game stand out and is like nothing I have ever played before. Now it will just take a lot of practice to prevent the Melancholy from spreading through Clowntown.

So if stunning visuals and an abundance of animation sounds enticing, Enter the Reveries may just be the new challenging game to look for. The app is available for free now in the App Store.


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