Escape the Void iPhone Review

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itunes iconA chaotic spiral you can’t escape. A rotating maze that is designed to drive you mad. These are just some of the ways to describe the app Escape the Void. Though the description gets it just right. “Easy to learn, but hard to master.”

Tilt your iPhone in ways you wouldn’t think possible as you try your best to Escape the Void. Here is the app’s full description:

Escape the Void is a fast-paced endless flyer that requires fast reactions but also sensitiveness.Escape the Void image 2

Try to navigate past the fast approaching barriers by tilting your device – very soon you will not know anymore where up and down is.
Collect bonuses that help you to get farther or increase your score.

– Minimalistic design
– 5 game modes
– Different Game Center Leaderboards
– Many Game Center Achievements
– Facebook and Twitter integration
– Adjust the tilting sensitivity to your liking
– Tutorial
– Easy to learn, but hard to master

– Optimized for all display sizes
– Requires iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or newer
– For iOS 8.0 or later

New game modes and bonuses coming soon…

Escape the Void begins with a simple idea. You are the small triangle, surrounded by circular walls with openings. All you have to do is maneuver through those openings and you are home free. Then you learn your controls are a little less simple. Tilting your device to aim for those small openings. You tap the screen to start anyway because you are optimistic, but oh how that optimism runs out quick.

Start with the tutorial. It gives you very necessary tips to play successfully. One thing it recommends is holding the phone upright. Holding it horizontally and flat makes things more difficult. Sensitivity control can be adjusted in the settings. Make sure to snatch up the bonus dots along the way for extra help. If you build up enough energy, you have the very helpful power of slowing things down by touching and holding the display, though not for long.

There are five different ways to play: Normal, Easy, Tunnel, Chaotic and Rotation, with a promise of more to come. This game is difficult but addictive, the best combination. The eerie music is a nice touch as things begin to spiral out of control. Usually I’m not the biggest fan of tilting controlled games, but this one is very acurate, giving me the impression I was using skill to maneuver through the gaps.

As out of control as it feels, Escape the Void is entertaining and enjoyable. It’s a great time waster that will have you coming back for more, over and over. The app is available now in the App Store for $0.99 and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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