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Evi - True Knowledge

There’s a new app buzzing around the market lately, and it’s rumored to be a Siri competitor. An artificial intelligence app for everyday information. Could it be true? Could I have a Siri sister that might complete my iPhone 4 without upgrading to 4S? Well, yes and no.

Meet Evi. A search engine like app that allows you to speak and search what you are looking for and in return, you get a spoken answer. Powered by the people at True Knowledge, you can ask Evi for help with things like where the nearest location of a bank or restaurant is or how many feet is a mile. Evi will answer directly or supply referencing websites to help you out. The more you ask, the more her results will improve. 

Unlike Siri, Evi cannot read you your text messages or call someone for you. Since Evi is not built into the phone it does not have access to such things. Many might say this is the same as Google’s search app, and it is similar. Though unlike a search engine that gives you matches based on only the words in the search bar or promoted links, Evi seems to understand context and give more effective results. Answers are also location based which pulls local information (US and UK capable) and helps extremely with shopping, dining or navigation questions. 

Search inquires can be entered by text or voice input. Answers with web references can be viewed in the built in web browser which makes it very quick to open the information. I was most interested in the voice recognition of the app and was very surprised on how well it worked. In most occasions it translated exactly what I had said and gave me great results. Once more it translated accurately even though there was background noise. I have paid a pretty penny for voice activated apps in the past and I always needed a completely quiet atmosphere to get a result that was even close to what I wanted. I even tested Evi’s limits by adding volume to the television and children playing in the background. I still received a perfect result. I was floored. One question I asked was while I was in the kitchen. “How to cut zucchini.” I was quickly answered with several links and videos to view on the subject which was exactly what I wanted. Evi understands plain English and that was clear. 

Evi also allows you to rate her answers. If you get an answer that isn’t helpful you simply give her a thumb down, letting her know so. Rating Evi’s answers helps her learn and be as accurate as possible in the future. Another neat function is the one word tapping within the keyboard. Choose from often used words to make asking repeat questions faster and easier to enter. That’s a feature I haven’t seen anywhere else. The interface design is simplistic and easy to use and I really love the little one eyed icon.

Evi is definitely not Siri, but she does deserve the buzz. She is off to a great start and I can’t wait to see where she goes. Evi is available in the App Store for $.99 but you can also check her out on Android for free. 


Evi - True Knowledge


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