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The internet is for nothing else but to share and express yourself and there are plenty of platforms to do it. The real question is which one. What it all comes down to is what you are wanting to share and with whom. Explowre by SocialGene Infolabs Pvt Ltd has a new app where beliefs are the center of everyone’s social attention. Here is the app’s full description:

Explowre allows you to share your Beliefs with the world and Discover yourself. You are what you believe.Explowre image 2

Browse all the beliefs from around the world.

Agree or disagree with any belief, or comment on it.

Express yourself by creating your own beliefs and share with everyone.

Find new people or beliefs, and Follow people with interesting beliefs.

Sign-up for Explowre with an email address and create a username and password, then verify your email by clicking the link sent.  The app first opens up with three pages, each listing a few beliefs. You must Heart or Thumbs Down each statement to get started. You can then scroll through feeds by Popular, Latest and Following. You can also search through Explowre for something in particular or see what hashtags are being used the most. The hashtags seem to be used to identify categories of the belief, like political, beauty, etc. Lastly, the profile area organizes all beliefs you have posted and keeps track of those you have agreed and disagreed with as well as showing your number of followers and following.

Explowre hits on all the familiar social media presentation you would expect. Beliefs are likened to statuses that can be agreed with and comments can be added as well. The newest thing for Explowre to add to the social media game is the disagree option. Though most think this would be a negative thing to add, (there has been debate about Facebook adding a thumbs down option for years), in this arena it is different. Explowre isn’t about what you had for dinner or whose kid is the cutest. It’s more about discussing the disagreements than starting feuds and expressing the reasons behind your beliefs. Sharing insights and connecting with those who are like-minded but viewing other’s opinions. I did see some of this going on through comments and beliefs, though there were some users who just posted about their day. One drawback is there aren’t many members yet so there isn’t a whole lot of discussion to be had, but I do see what the app is going for.

For anyone looking for a more positive social media outlet, Explowre just might be for you. The app is available now in the App Store for free and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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