Extinction Squad by Adult Swim iPhone Review

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Extinction Squad - [adult swim]Extinction Squad is probably one of the funniest games I have played on an iPhone, and proof indeed that games can be funny, despite the best efforts of iOS games such as Justin Mac Fart. Extinction Squad may not keep you engrossed for hours on end, but for quick gameplay sessions, this is entertaining, addictive and good looking.

The game is pretty simple at its heart, as all you do is move a trampoline from left to right along the bottom of the screen in an attempt to save as many animals from falling to their deaths as possible. You play as a pair of zoologists from ‘Chuck Darwins’ team of elite animal rescuers who must heft the trampoline across the screen, bouncing the various animals to safety.

The trampoline is controlled by swiping the screen, and this proves to be a fairly effective control method for the game, although it has to be said that there are small moments of inaccuracies to be found. The only real variety to the play is when you have to spin a wheel to try and win some coins to spend in the store.

It is lucky then that the gameplay that is here is pretty fun, and absolutely manic. Animals come thick and fast, with different types moving slightly differently as they fall, and some requiring a few bounces before they are safe. Animals are not the only things falling, as there are also things to dodge, such as bombs and collectibles including coins, to try to aim for.

Things do get pretty crazy, and it is fun, but the game is elevated to another level by the art style and sense of humour. The animals are brilliantly drawn, and their expressions as they fall to their doom are priceless, not to mention the blood and guts that they are squished into when they do hit the deck. The bigger the creature, the bigger the mess they leave, with the Blue Whale being a stand out moment.

The cartoon stylings are really top quality, and are worth buying the game for on their own, to be honest.

Extinction Squad features two modes, the main adventure mode, where you travel to different locations will keep you occupied for a while, but it is the countdown mode that proves to be the most addictive element here. This checkpoint and time based mode will provide addictive fun when the adventure mode is long forgotten. There is a store where you can purchase upgrades with coins either won in the game or bought via in app purchases.

Overall, this is a fun little game that is maybe a little bit limited with its basic gameplay, but is saved by the fantastic graphics and art style that will delight anyone that plays it.

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Extinction Squad - [adult swim]


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