Facebook iOS Update Released

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Monday Facebook released an update to its iOS app, adding quite the list of features.

Version 5.1 brings with it updates to the camera, messaging system and includes new gift giving capabilities with Facebook Gifts. Most of these new features look very familiar as they seem to come straight from some of their other standalone apps.

For instance, the camera is now capable of uploading multiple pictures which can be selected from a layout exactly like the Facebook Camera app. Something new to this process is the inclusion of more editing features and camera filters, no doubt a jab at Instagram.

Facebook Messenger has also been integrated as a chat window that can be revealed when swiping left on the screen. This shows those who are online and available, as well as displaying a time stamp of their last visit to Facebook.

Of course the biggest buzz is around the Facebook Gifts addition. Here you are given the option to purchase things like gift cards, treats and other gifts when missing those oh so important birthdays and events that only Facebook reminds you about. Just another way Facebook is trying to capitalize for more revenue. Though the feature was originally rolled out in September to the site, the addition of the mobile capability will no doubt increase its use.

Facebook 5.1 seems to be running smoothly, and I for one, am glad to be able to scale back to just one Facebook app. There is no word if the Facebook Camera app or Facebook Messenger app will be discontinued, though I don’t see a reason to hold on to them for now. You can download it now from the App Store.




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