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Facebook Messenger - Facebook, Inc.Facebook has certainly taken over the world and you know it’s made an impression when even your grandparents have a profile. As many things it does and people it connects, Facebook hasn’t always had the most optimal platform when it comes to mobile. It continues to be the top in free social apps in the App Store, but it’s rating isn’t so hot. To up the ante a little bit, the Facebook Messenger app was released.

Facebook Messenger is a mobile messaging app that lets you connect to all your friended contacts. You can send and receive messages to any Facebook friends and loads just like a message within Facebook’s desktop version. Previous messages are loaded and you can continue any on-going conversations. Messages are sent instantly through Facebook messages and can be retrieved by those that have the app or through the website. Another great feature is that Facebook contacts aren’t the only friends you can converse with as this messenger app will also let you send text messages to any mobile numbers in your personal contact list.

Though don’t go calling this an instant messenger. Unfortunately I didn’t see a way to tell if Facebook friends are online which was kind of a disappointment. The design is simple with two basic screens, your current messages and the new message screen. That’s it, other than a few notification settings and option to log out. An upside is you can create group conversations and send photos or location information, which makes coordinating group events much easier. You can also set control alert settings to each conversation and add more contacts to group messages if needed. Of course all incoming messages will alert you by push notification.

As far as messaging apps go, Facebook Messenger is a standard, cut and dry version that gives you just that; messages. It’s easy to use without too many frills, but it does have one thing going for it that the others don’t – all your friends in one place. Keep in touch with all your friends instantly, and for free.



Facebook Messenger - Facebook, Inc.


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