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It looks like Facebook is finally getting with the program and incorporating the Share feature in their mobile apps for iOS and Android. The simple link has existed on the desktop site within the status update box for quite some time now. Even Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr have all been ahead of the game with some sort of sharing ability for their mobile posts. Though Facebook has always been about personal updates and may have been hesitant to roll out the feature.

Like the Retweet and Reblog, sharing someone else’s post will credit the original source in the status update. Not only is this more socially acceptable, but makes things much faster to share with others. It has definitely been one of my biggest complaints about the app for a while now, and I am certainly glad to hear it may be finally getting an appearance.

TechCrunch has confirmed the news and also states it has already been integrated into Facebook’s mobile browser version. Simply go to m.facebook.com to check it out. Any public update, link, photo or video should now have the share option in the post at the bottom right.

Now the question is, will this change Facebook to look more like Twitter and Tumblr? How do you feel about the change? Let us know what you think in the comments below.



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