Fancy Lock Screen Themes iPhone Review

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Android has always been a few steps ahead of iOS when it comes to the ability to customise your device. Yet, with recent updates, Apple has loosened to chains on iOS customisation somewhat.

Apps like Fancy Lock Screen Themes use innovative features to take this one step further, and also give us a glimpse of what iOS could look like in a future, fully customisable world.

Fancy Lock Screen Themes is probably the one of the best apps of this type on iOS, with some fantastic features and great themes built-in that really allow you to build your own look for your phone.

One thing that has bugged me about many ‘theme’ apps is that can be surprisingly difficult to use, with obtrusive design and a lack of thought for the user, but here ease of use is that focus, all the while still giving access to a pretty deep feature set.fancylock

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

● Customizable cool lock screen themes
● Over ten different background categories
● Ability to add various custom elements: choose from over 100 frames, 50+ stickers and status bars with updates on new additions every 2 weeks
● Diversify your wallpaper design with text maker anywhere on the screen
● Design your own lockscreen with your choice of background whether it be from the app or personal photos
● Get updates with subscriptions or buy coins if you choose to opt out of subscription
● Share your customized pictures and backgrounds by email, on Twitter and Facebook

Yes, this can’t quite give iOS the flexibility of Android, but it does give you a richer feature set than what is built into iOS. Frames, stickers, the ability to add custom text and photos are all welcome additions. The app is updated every two weeks with new content, so this is a fully supported app going forward.

I really liked the added ability to change the colour of your status bar, because this is one area that can’t be covered up by app icons. A great idea that Apple really should implement in the future.

Overall, this is a great iOS theme app that offers up excellent flexibility, an excellent set of features and an easy to use interface. Well worth a second look.


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