Fancy Pants Adventures iPhone Review

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Fancy Pants Adventures - Chillingo Ltd

There are plenty of funny named apps out there these days. For instance, who would have thought anything called Angry Birds would amount to anything? Well an app with one of the funniest names ever has landed in the app store, and intrigued platform gamers aplenty. Fancy Pants Adventures from Chillingo is the funny named game, and the fun doesn’t stop there.

Meet Fancy Pants Man, a simple stick figure with, well, fancy pants. His poor sister Cutie Pants has been captured by terrible, yet hilarious,
pirates and it’s up to you to help him rescue her. Travel through hand-drawn levels, collecting squiggles and stars to unlock rewards such as costumes and accessories for your new found hero. The unique backgrounds make for an entertaining visual that is fun and also challenging.

You may recognize Fancy Pants Adventures from the popular Flash game of the same name. I have even come across this title on the PlayStation console. The app is a definite upgrade from the original with new tricks and abilities for Fancy Pants Man. The main attraction to this game is the control ability of the stick figured man, leaping and sliding through the creative levels while attacking enemies in his path. There are only directional arrow controls on the screen, while simple, it works well and keeps game play very fluid throughout.

For one this game is very enjoyable to play. The characters and plot are completely silly yet still set up a story line with purpose and agenda for the main character. Fancy Pants Adventures is definitely poking fun at platforming games in general, but it is all to the benefit of the player. The levels are fairly large in size and there is plenty to do. Simply finishing the levels is not the main goal as there are side missions within to complete not to mention collection all of the squiggles and stars. Based on how much you accomplish the end of a level will give you a percentage of how much of the level you have done. This works out great for replay value. Just because you complete a level doesn’t mean there still isn’t more to do.

As fluid as it is, the pace of the game is very quick. In some instances my stick figure went so fast, I passed up things I needed and wasn’t able to go back. I also wasn’t always able to get Mr Pants to do the exact move I was trying for, leaving me to abandon things I needed to accomplish and move on. I had a lot of redoing levels to get what I had missed. More to play, but kind of redundant. The enemies aren’t really what you would call challenging either. Mostly jumping on their heads Mario style, though they are a definite nuisance. I would also like to issue a warning about the size of the app. Make sure there is plenty of room on your iPhone because this one is going to take up 268 MB! It’s obvious in the game that this is all put to good use, but it is definitely a space taker.

Fancy Pants Adventures is an original and creative app like few others out there. What’s better is it’s fun for all ages and only $.99.

Fancy Pants Adventures - Chillingo Ltd


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