FancyLock for iOS 7 iPhone Review

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itunes iconIf there is one thing iPhone owners love, it’s customizing their phone. Whether by case or accessories, we are always looking for a sleek and trendy background to display on our super slick device. Of course, there are apps just for that. FancyLock pimps your lock screen with some extra flair onto your background of choice.

FancyLock for iOS 7 by Educational Technology allows you to add a custom lock screen design overlay onto any wallpaper. Here is the app’s full description:

Pimp Out a Custom WallpaperFancyLock for iOS 7 image 1
Easily create lockscreen
Supports iPhone 5 and retina display

how to use 
select an image in gallery 
selected themes 
open photo library to set lockscreen

To start, pick a picture for your wallpaper from your own photos that you would like on the lock screen. Adjust the size of your image by pinching, pulling or sliding it on the template. Next choose the lock screen theme you would like to overlay on to the image. There are a good variety of styles to choose from, including themes with banners, zippers and even one that looks like a bar code. The process is easy to set up and at the end it saves to your camera roll with directions on how to turn off the reduce motion feature to make sure everything fits and looks right on the screen.

First off, this is a basic app. It is ad supported, but free. That being said, I was a bit disappointed there weren’t any backgrounds to choose from along with the lock screen overlays. A lot of the themes didn’t really go with my library of pictures with the placements of the overlays covering up things I would like to see. There was also no actual function on the lock screen, all is purely decorative. I did like how simple it was to set up and use. The sizing made it look exactly right once finished.

FancyLock for iOS is an easy fix to creating a decorative lock screen for your device. It’s free and available now in the App Store.



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