Feel Good App iPhone Review

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There are many apps in the iPhone and iPad App Store that claim to be able to relax you and chill you out. The Feel Good App aims to trump all of them by offering a comprehensive suite of tools and ideas to help someone unwind and relax.Feel Good App - SiynApps

But do it achieve its aim?

Well the answer to that very much depends on what you are looking for, as this app does unfortunately have something missing, but if you are looking for soothing images, proverb style advice and relaxing music and effects, then the Feel Good App is probably the best solution for you.

I will get the thing that is missing out of the way early here: videos. I personally find apps that have, for example, videos of beaches and autumnal trees on a loop to be really soothing, but here there are only static images that are panned and zoomed around. It is a shame, as I think that this would ‘complete’ the app.

Aside from that, what is here is pretty good. Images are displayed in a slideshow, with words of advice displayed on screen, along with softly spoken words. A soothing soundtrack plays in the background, and you have the ability to swipe left and right  to either skip to the next image or to display the previous one. You can pause the slideshow, but this also pauses the music. I couldn’t find a way to just pause the slideshow so you can keep one image onscreen with the music continuing, but I may just have missed the option.

The app is a free download, and you get a sample package along with the download. There is a built in store where you can purchase many different packs, but I have to say there are plenty to download for free as well, meaning that you never really have to spend any money unless you really want a particular set. The app is ad supported, but you can pay to have these switched off, an option I wish more developers would take advantage of. I really liked the little animations when you download some extra content.

All the images are of a high quality, and there is a big variety of them, and you can also choose which packs to have displayed when, meaning that variety is never going to be a problem. You can even save some scenes as favourites, and can access them at any time with a nifty swipe up on the touchscreen during a slideshow.

You can share scenes with friends on both Twitter, Facebook and Email, and can even edit the message that is going to be uploaded to your social networking profile. The different sounds in the app can be adjusted individually, and there are plenty of options for the visual slideshow. The music for the app can run in the background when you leave, which is a nice touch.

Overall, this is a good free app that does its job well, but perhaps doesn’t quite excel as much as it could. There are plenty of options, lots of images, and a healthy range of free and paid extra downloads. Anyone who does download the app is guaranteed to be relaxed, and I am sure that some will find the mixture of quotes and imagery inspiring.

Feel Good App - SiynApps


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