FileHound iPhone Review

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FileHound - Splashtop Inc.Splashtop Inc. has been on my radar for a while now and I have so far been very pleased with their products. To be able to have access to your computer from your phone anywhere is pretty priceless now a days. Though Dropbox and other cloud based hard drives are very helpful, there is always the syncing issue, meaning you have to upload it previously to have access. If you are anything like me and have small bursts of Alzheimer’s on a daily basis, Splashtop’s applications can be a real life saver. The newest companion in their string of PC to phone accessibility is called FileHound.

FileHound is similar to their previous apps in that it will help users gain access to their home PC from their phone through the use of their free software Splashtop Streamer. What makes it different is that your files are displayed to you in a more mobile friendly format, making the app faster and easier to use. Especially if you just have to grab a certain file and get out.  The files are displayed as a folder tree sorting with most recently opened folders at the top. There is even a search bar so you can find a certain folder and file more quickly. Besides finding the file you need, FileHound will allow you to view and edit your files from the app in any format. With the Splashtop Desktop Remote application built-in, simply view your files as you would on the computer and use your own software to edit them. This also helps with any compatibility issues.

Filehound keeps you only a click away from your own PC with anytime, anywhere access. Of course you can use WiFi to get to your files, but with the internet discovery feature, you can connect through your mobile network. Just simply sign in with a Google account on both the app and the Splashtop Streamer software and you are ready to go. The design has kept small screens in mind so navigating is easy, though there are shortcuts to make browsing all the more intuitive. There are also other settings to simplify things such as changing the resolution for faster performance and creating a security code to make sure not just anyone will have access. And if you have more than one computer with Splashtop Streamer enabled, you will be able to see  them all from FileHound. Of course the best thing of all is there’s NO SYNCING!

Splashtop Inc. definitely knows how to keep users connected to their home PCs, but for now PCs are all that can be connected as this version supports Windows only, though they do promise Mac compatibility is on its way. I had no trouble setting up the app and connecting to my computer, and very few issues as far as crashes go. Getting to files was a breeze, of course opening and editing remotely on my PC was a different story. It can definitely be done, but there was a delay and things moved a bit slow. I do want to mention that my laptop is by no means top of the line and the sluggishness could be due to what my system is running and its specs. I am sure results will vary based on users’ own equipment and networks.

All in all, FileHound is a definite gem when it comes to remote access and Splashtop Inc. just keeps getting better and better. It is currently on sale for the holidays for a mere $0.99 cents! That’s off the regular price of $9.99. It’s definitely a great pick up for anyone on the go. Who needs clouds, when you can have FileHound?


FileHound - Splashtop Inc.


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