Fish Catch iPhone Review

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Fish Catch - Slimline GamesFish catch is a very simple game, with the aim being to catch jumping fish as they fly over the screen. Playing a lot like Fruit Ninja, the idea is to build your score while avoiding the bigger, evil fish that will try to get in your way.

You have three crosses at the top of the screen and if you miss catching a fish then you lose a life, miss three and its game over.

One gameplay difference from Fruit Ninja is that you can just hold your net to wait for the fish instead of having to swipe. You can swipe if you like, but its a lot easier to just wait with the net.

There are six levels to play through and a tougher adventure mode to unlock the levels that way, a few achievements built in and also a ‘meet the fish’ viewer that lets you take a look at the stars of the game.

The game does keep a record of your best score, but no online leaderboards or score uploading to Facebook is a big let down.

The gameplay is solid, but not a scratch on Fruit Ninja. The game doesn’t always register when you touch an enemy fish, and just doesn’t have the same manic feel as its inspiration. The presentation is solid, the graphics and sound are passable, although the fish themselves are well drawn.

Basically that’s all there is to it, it’s a very simple game. Solid, but lacking that something special.

That the developer has got the basic gameplay working, and has created nice looking characters shows there is promise in here somewhere, but it just needs applying to a more original project.

Fish Catch - Slimline Games


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