Fruit Ninja iPhone Review

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Fruit Ninja - Halfbrick StudiosIs anyone dying for a slash??? If you are then you’ve come to the right place! What could be better after a long and stressful days work than venting your fury on some helpless fruits? Well if you find this idea appealing, you will probably want to check out this pretty cool game called Fruit Ninja.

So one day I was browsing the app store, checking out the latest offerings, and this title happened to be one of them. Not knowing what to expect, I thought I’d just give it a shot. My first initial thought on it after playing it for about 5 minutes or so was “why didn’t I download this before!” I mean you probably gotta be a few cards short of a full deck to not find this game even remotely appealing. This game is just pure slicing and dicing juicy fun that should never be interrupted without a good reason, your main objective being to slice the living daylights out of as much fruit as you possibly can!

Forget story line, forget plot, this is just fun in a can. You play.. er.. yourself I guess, armed only with a virtual Ninja sword, within a virtual dojo, with a virtual Sensei and with a virtual enemy.. the FRUIT! Your Sensei wishes to test your skill, reaction, timing etc by lobbing as much fruit in your direction as possible! Ah can goofing around get anymore satisfying? At the main title screen you are presented with 4 main options, those being Dojo, New game, OpenFeint, and More games. There are 2 modes in which to play the game, and they are Classic mode, and Zen mode, therefore it is your choice depending on what challenges you wish to undertake. So to begin a game, slice the new game melon and select, for example, Classic mode. At this point you will see that you are faced with a wooden wall bearing the scars of previous attempts, you will also hear the sounds of the great outdoors, suggesting that you are outside, which is just as well considering things would get pretty darn messy in the house!

Anyway.. before you can make sense of it, its fruits away! As the doomed fruits are launched forth, you attack them in a slicing motion by dragging the path with your finger, where you intend the blade to strike. I must say part of the appeal for me of this game, is the remarkable accuracy and fluency in which you can execute a move, or a fruit for that matter! Once sliced you will be rewarded by a rather satisfying splat effect in sound, and on the wall. Slicing 3 or more fruits in one move will give you a bonus which is great and very satisfying. This may be a good time to show the difference’s between the two modes. Within the both mode’s  you are presented in the top left corner with a fruit counter with a record of your best directly under it,  however in Classic mode of the top right side of the screen you have your 3 lives, miss a fruit, lose a life, 3 strikes and your OUT.

Now if that wasn’t exciting enough, within the Classic mode you also can be possibly blown to smithereens, because as well as fruits being lobbed in the air, good ol’ Sensei must of thought it would sharpen your senses if he lobbed a few bombs in there too! So you really have to be careful and plan your attacks wisely, which I think is a cool feature of the game. Within the Zen mode however there are no bombs, no lives, but instead you have a time limit of 90 secs, so it doesn’t matter if you let a few fruits go. You can pause the game any time by clicking the pause button on the bottom left of the screen. Within the that menu you can reload the game by pressing the right icon. This game is also educational because after playing a game, it dispenses a fruit fact like for example “over 60 million tonnes of apples are grown worldwide annually”.

The Facebook integration is great and really adds to the appeal for casual players.

The Dojo mode in the main options presents you with another 2 options, those being Sensei’s swag, and about. Within Sensei’s swag It gives you options to unlock additional features such as different blades and and backgrounds which is another cool feature. The OpenFeint option is for multiplayer possibilities, scores can be posted on Twitter etc. There is also a leaderboards option. Overall I think this is a brilliant little game, mostly due to its simplicity, thus proving that even something simple can be a success if done properly! I personally enjoy playing this game, and look forward to future releases from this developer.

Fruit Ninja - Halfbrick Studios


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