Fuzel App Launches on iPhone

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Not A Basement Studios have let us know that their fantastic photo editing app Fuzel has launched for iPhone. Yes, I’m sure you will have seen and played with a hundred such apps on iPhone, but this one is so brilliantly designed for a touch screen that it feels revolutionary.

Previous apps always seemed to be trying to fit a traditional photo editing program onto a touch screen- with limited success, but Fuzel actually feels like it was created from the ground up for iPhone.

This is a serious tool for editing photos and pictures on the fly, that is for sure, but to be honest the app is fun just to play around with, seeing what you can do and experimenting with all the different tools and effects available to use.

You can share your creations over Facebook, Twitter, E-mail and Flickr, and I am sure that we will soon see a whole host of Fuzel-edited masterpieces littering Facebook soon enough, as Fuzel is the kind of app that really could go places.

You can download Fuzel from the App Store for just 99c, at the following link:

Fuzel - Photos made awesome - Not A Basement Studio



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