Galaxy on Fire 2 iPhone Review

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Galaxy on Fire 2™ - FISHLABSNow..I don’t know about you people out there, but sometimes a good RPG game can be just the thing in which to spend the next few hours of your life, a real change of pace from other genres. And most of us are no strangers to sci-fi shoot em ups, so if you are partial to the two, then this may be the game for you!

You play as space fighter pilot Keith  T. Maxwell, whom after incurring a malfunctioned hyper drive as a result of combat, is mysteriously transported some 35 years later through time and space, on the other side of a the galaxy, only to be propelled into another conflict, in which he has no other reasonable choice but to fight. In a desperate bid to find his way back to his own world, he embarks on another adventure in which he must do what is necessary to survive, as well as get to the bottom of the issues by interacting, and bargaining with various characters.

Buying, selling, ship customization, and even asteroid mining, are all in a days work for this character, developing a quite interesting story line. Another appealing feature no doubt to  sci-fi fans, is the multitude, of different solar systems, space stations, and even hyper space travel between them! There are many interesting missions that unfold, that should keep most of us entertained.. but what about the game play? This is a third person sci fi shooter, with all the basics one would expect such as ship health in the top left corner, direction controls at the bottom left, fire options at the bottom right, and pause options at the top right. Unique controls of the game, is things like a meter at the top right of the screen that counts in tonnes the amount of ore mined, as well as  an auto pilot button located at the middle left of the screen, and a camera view button above the fire button.

Gaming controls seem to take some getting used to, and there do appear to be some minor flaws here, in the area of directional controls. Within the options you can select how you wish to navigate the craft, either touch screen, or motion sensitive. I thought it nice you have the option, but they appear to present problems to themselves, for example the process of mining requires that upon arrival, at an asteroid, you have to control a drill which becomes increasingly difficult as part of the game, to accomplish this task I found to be nearly impossible, and very frustrating, with the touch screen controls, forcing me to switch to motion sensitive. However when switching to motion sensitive mode, the job became more possible, but sometimes I would experience problems with the calibration, which needed to be reset.

But the bad of this game is dwarfed by the good, for example one thing that really impressed me is the HUGE scope of space travel within this game, for example while writing this review, I left the ship drifting in space, after realizing this, I set auto pilot back to the space station from which I started. I was a little over 100km out, and it took 25-30 mins real time to get back! Whatever you can lock onto, you can travel to, in real time, or hyper space! The ships handling and abilities, will obviously vary from ship
to ship, especially as you start with a pretty ‘old’ girl that looks like she’s on her last wings. She handles moderately, but you get the feeling that much greater things lie ahead..believe me there are!

Another thing that I found interesting, was the thought of earning your way in the galaxy. Mining is an important duty so as to earn money to buy goods. Within each space station you visit, you will have several areas in which to visit, such as a Lounge, a map area to charter a course, mission briefing area, and a status option which shows your achievements. In the game options you have all the regular option menus, as well as OpenFeint multiplayer over the network.

Overall this is a game oozing with potential, with some truly impressive features. Story line  and gameplay are quite remarkable, as well as good Graphics and sound, and general attention to detail. This is certainly a game to be reckoned with as it really makes you feel like a space traveler. I really enjoyed playing this game as I can see a lot of thought went into it.

Galaxy on Fire 2™ - FISHLABS


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