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Everyone likes a good deal. What could be better than getting great deals just by playing games on your phone? How about getting FREE stuff for playing games on your phone? Now you’re interested.

gameit: Win prizes through quizzes, games and competitive trivia contests for deals & discounts by GAMEIT INC promises just what the title describes – free and discounted prizes for answering trivia questions in an app. Here is the apps full description:

Play FREE competitive trivia for deals & discounts on your favorite products. As featured on the Today Show, gameit is the best
gameit image 2way to start winning awesome prizes from fun quiz games!

Find it. Game It. Win It.

1. Find a product and watch an applicable video about the product brand, or sponsoring entity.
2. Answer questions about the video, content and sponsoring entity.
3. The goal is to be the fastest player with the most accurate answers. Achieve each tier of the provided deal. Once you have achieved the highest available tier you will then compete against other players for the 100% discount.
3. Each trivia contest will remain open until the time runs out.
4. The player who has achieved the highest tier and is leading the trivia contest when the maximum number of plays is reached will win a 100% discount on the prize. Other participates will win the indicated discount they achieved within their tier.
5. If the minimum number of players has not entered to play before the end time, then all participants will receive discounts in accordance with their performance, but no 100% discount will be offered.
6. Exchange acquired virtual currency to claim the achieved deal, using a credit card to securely pay the outstanding balance to receive your prize.

         gameit makes shopping fun and affordable! Other prizes include items like 10%, 20% ,30% discounts or half off on popular stuff. Beat out other players with the best score and win deep discounts or prizes such as toys, tech, home goods, trendy clothing and other great products! Remember, watch the brand video, play the trivia and test your knowledge on the brand to get the best score you can and reap the highest reward possible.

Gameit takes the love of a great bargain and combines it with a competitive edge that is sure to get you hooked. Just sign up for a free account. You have the option to use Facebook which I always find helpful. Browse products that you are interested in and select one. You will see an image of the product along with the amount of time listed for the deal. Hit the Play button. Now pay attention to the video. After the video the 5-10 question quiz will begin. The quicker you answer the more points you earn. Increase your score by playing as many times as you like. The more you play the more coins you will also earn that can be used to steal points from the current leader and are also needed to claim the discount. Coins must be earned in the Sponsored games. Lead the contest when the game closes and win the product at 100% discount.

New products are added every day. The higher you score the better discount you will get on the item. 600 coins automatically gets you 35% off. Even if you lose you still get a 20% discount just for playing. The products vary from appliances to make-up and anything in between. The quizes and videos are fun and challenging. Clicking that answer button in a timely manner is a lot more difficult than it sounds, but it also keeps you going back to get that better score. Some of the rules are complicated as with most bargains there are some stipulations to winning. Of course Gameit is also getting their share by using sponsored products but I think the 20% discount for playing is just about worth playing by itself, just make sure you have the coins to claim. Gameit makes money, you get a discount, seems like everyone wins.

If you are a survey taking, coupon clipping, mobile deal searching kinda perosn, the Gameit app is definitely for you! Gameit is available now on the App Store for free.


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