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GeoSonic has taken me back to my youth, misspent as it was on viewing the creations of the fabulous Amiga demo scene. GeoSonic, with all of its weird audiovisual intensity and creativity, creates spirographic patterns that would not look out of place on a cracked 1990’s game as the message from the crackers.

The app creates geomtric patterns that work in sync with the ancient solfeggio music scale to make an experience like no other on the App Store. You can get in and fiddle with the patterns and the music if you so wish- and there are plenty of options for doing so, but I think it is best to just let GeoSonic do its thing randomly, as you end up getting better results.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:screen568x568 (1)

GeoSonic is primarily a mandala experience – combining geometric spirals with the ancient solfeggio music scale to produce “music box” like music based on the patterns currently being drawn.

• Random or user specified geometric patterns.
• Solfeggio music scale and geometric patterns combine to create unique music.
• Full range of chakra stimulating presets for a visual meditation unlike any other

The app is an interesting experience, and has plenty of options to flesh out the content. You can add hypnotic effects, set the pattern to zoom in and out in a bounce effect, make it appear as though you are ‘warping’ through the image, and even add a seemingly unlimited number of extra patterns to the image.

You can zoom out an impressive way, so much so that the pattern ends up looking like just another star in space. Despite the seemingly random nature of the app, you can save your favourite patterns to the iOS camera roll, and save the best creations to be played with later.

There is a decent guide system that explains most of the functions of the app, although it does fail to tell you what the various switchable options to on the option screen on the right; a small text description would help here.

Overall, this is a lovely app that provides a visual and sonic experience like few others do on the App Store. GeoSonic isn’t free, but I think the tiny fee is well worth paying for an app that offers something a little different from all the sheep on the App Store.


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