Get Fully Immersed in the Fun with the New Jump-AR App

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By: Erin Konrad

Sick of playing the same old games on your phone? You can only sit through so many rounds of Candy Crush, right? Well, your new favorite game has just arrived! The Jump-AR app allows you to feel like you’re actually part of the action with an augmented reality (AR) experience. Instead of feeling like you’re just disconnected from the competition, Jump-AR will actually make you feel like you’ve stepped into the game! 

The Jump-AR game is available on iOS platforms only and is totally free to download! After heading to the App Store, you can play the interactive game as you interact with KiKi & Friends to retrieve their stolen bananas. You just tap the screen to jump as high as you can, and you’ll be able to watch the blocks stack up so the characters can reach the top. The AR element allows you to see how high you’ve stacked your blocks in comparison to real-world objects in your actual environment. If you want to earn more bananas (or points), you can share things on Facebook or watch ads. All of the extra bananas will help you buy even more skins and ensure that the game continues.

You’ll feel even more invested in the game because you can compete to get the highest score among all other Jump-AR players. You’re even able to connect with friends, so you can bring a competitive nature to the game. There are also lots of different realms, characters, and competitions so you’ll stay interested in the ongoing story. The best part is that the cutting-edge AR technology gives you a learning environment with physical demonstration, so you’ll definitely feel like you’re part of the action. It’s okay if you’ve never used AR technology before. Jump-AR can help you feel more comfortable in no time!

As far as downsides, there are a few for this app. You might feel like you’re playing a kid’s game with the cartoon characters you use to play. Additionally, perhaps the biggest disadvantage is that you have to be mindful of where you’re trying to play the game. You always need to be in a well-lit area with textured surfaces (the AR engine is not able to recognize plain or shiny surfaces). This obstacle can make playing the game a little complicated and requires you to do some extra planning to think through whether your environment is compatible with the game or not.

If you want to feel like you’re truly inside a game, drop into the action with the Jump-AR app at the App Store!


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